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My husband and I decided that it was time to have a baby, so I did research about preparing my body for pregnancy to be sure I’m in optimal health. While I was doing my research, I came upon a website about all the amazing benefits of going to a chiropractor during your pregnancy and how it can really help with natural delivery. It can help your pelvis with the extra weight along with helping to maintain your posture and more.

As I read the article, it had details about, ‘if you’re pregnant you need someone who’s trained in the Webster Technique’. I went on an official website that listed all the certifications of all the chiropractors who have been officially trained in the Webster Technique. I then came across this practice and now I’m here!

Before the pregnancy in general, I had a back issue. I had damaged the muscles in my lower back, so it has always given me trouble in stressful situations. My physical therapist had mentioned that I needed to really strengthen my core and back muscles because he would potentially be worried about the pregnancy because it could cause more problems.

The other reason why I know for sure my pregnancy would have been different without coming here was because I was having a bunch of pelvic issues. The adjustments also really, really helped with my terrible morning sickness. Even though it didn’t stop it, every time I had an adjustment, it took it away *snaps fingers*, such a relief!

This office has been able to help with all the coccyx pain I had due to the pelvis shifting, and the groin pain, which are all excellent signs of a healthy pregnancy. If I didn’t come here than I would have just been suffering.

Coming here, I like the very nice girls up front. That’s the first good thing. They’re like a family here. I feel comfortable. Both chiropractors, Dr. B and Dr. LaVoie, they are both very attentive to my needs. Even though I prefer one Dr’s technique more, they are fine about it. And if that doctor was out, the other was willing to learn and really address what I specifically needed to make sure I’m getting a fix for whatever problem I’m having. They’re truly interested.

- Arlinda C.

My doctor did not want me seeing a chiropractor because he didn’t believe it would work. Fortunately, I stopped having to have referrals a long time ago.

I don’t even know how long I’ve been coming in here, forever, somewhere up to 10 years. I don’t feel anywhere near the pain that I used to have.

When I started coming here, I didn’t feel good. I was congested, and Dr. LaVoie would tell me, ‘Anything bothers you, you tell me. Anything.’ I was walking one day and tripped on the sidewalk. Hurt my knee, hurt my arm, hurt my wrist, chest & ribs. I came in, told him, he did my arm, did my wrist, did my knee, those were fixed *snap fingers* like that! Everything else, he just kept working it and finally all the other pain went away.

When being congested or when I don’t feel well, I tell them, and they just do the magic facial work. And Dr. Nadeau found out something really good that ended up helping me because I’d been complaining for a long time that my shoulder was bothering me a lot. I couldn’t do anything to get rid of it. They kept trying things and they couldn’t fully get rid of it either. It never really went away, they would just keep adjusting it. Then Dr. B had gone to a seminar and he came back and he couldn’t wait to see me. He said, ‘I just found out about something and I thought of you immediately’.

He does an adjustment, and he pushes a few times. Even when he did it the first time, the instant relief was unbelievable! I mean, it didn’t make it go away for good at the time. But it made it a lot better and it was on its way out. That was the only thing that was able to help this problem.

Normally, once a week is an overhaul. If it doesn’t hurt, fix it anyway. Its helped a lot because a couple of years ago, I took an awful, nasty fall. I went down so I hard when I missed the step. As soon as the swelling went down, they were treating for weeks. Every week, a thousand times a day as often as I could come in. All the time. And honestly, this week it’s not even bothering me. It’s just keeping it up and maintaining everything. Keeping everything that’s been ailing me in check.

For me, they’ve cured a lot of things.

- Helene S.

“About two months ago, I had taken a fall on my knee and later helped my sister with heavy work. One morning I almost couldn’t walk. It was impacting my life. I couldn’t even step on my foot, there was so much pain.

If I didn’t know about chiropractic before, I probably would have headed to an orthopedist. But, I really don’t want anyone to touch my back surgically. I said, “Let me do this first”

What I want is quality of life. This was impacting my life, my mobility. I put on weight, I stopped doing my yoga because it hurt. That’s just crazy. Now I want to get back to it.

I have always believed in chiropractic strongly. The fact that I stayed away from it for a few years, it showed, it really did. And now I’m just thrilled! And I knew I should have ‘tune-ups’ and I stopped doing that because of other medical things. Now I’m realizing that I can’t let go of that because I feel so much better that its crazy!”

– Louise B.

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